KAMS Training Program


The KAMS training program is in place to ensure that all pilots are able to fly safely, be in control of their aircraft at all times, and be able to cope with all types of flying/weather conditions. Pilots also need to be comfortable flying during a busy session when there are a lot of planes in the air.

No one is allowed to fly solo at the KAMS field unless they have achieved their Bronze Wing proficiency level as defined by MAAA, which KAMS has adopted as solo certificate requirement.


KAMS has experienced members who will inspect and test fly your model and tutor you in the required manoeuvres to achieve your Bronze Wing Certificate. The proficiency test is done with a KAMS instructor who is certified to the MAAA standards.
When solo status is achieved the pilot is presented with the Bronze Wings badge to be worn in recognition of having achieved solo status. Flying instructions up to solo status is only offered to financial members of KAMS. The MAAA provides insurance cover to prospective members for two sessions to fly whilst supervised.  Membership is required for further flying after this introductory period.

Arranging Training Sessions

Trainee pilots wanting to gain solo pilot status must contact a club instructor and be prepared to attend at the field for training at a mutually agreed time. To arrive at the field without prior arrangement in the hope that an instructor will be available may result in disappointment, and loss of flying time.

REMEMBER all the instructors provide this service on a voluntary basis, so give them the courtesy they deserve as they are doing you a favour.

Also, the instructors are NOT resposible for your model or your equipment. They will take all precautions to make your training safe and enjoyable, but in this hobby accidents do happen.
The instructor cannot be held financially responsible for damage to any of your gear under any circumstances. No MAAA insurance covers models or associated equipment.

Duration of Training

The number of training flights per day will depend on the commitment of the instructor, and on the weather. Flying in strong winds is not advisable until the you are experienced enough to cope with the conditions.
It is usual to need at least 20 to 30 ten-minute flights before you can go solo. However, individual aptitude varies widely, and there is no pressure to finish training.
Just be patient, and everything will come together in due course.