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KAMS Committee and Officials 2019-2020


President: Dave Trewarn Tel: 0422833488
Secretary: Terry Hunt Tel: 0418614208
Treasurer: Ted Khinsoe Tel: 0418923766
Committee members: Ian Johnson Tel: 0418916719
Neil Hewson Tel: N/A
Field Manager: Neil Hewson Tel: N/A
Slipstream Editor: Ted Khinsoe Tel: 0418923766

Safety Officer: Don Tester Tel: 0408284909


Postal address for all club business: KAMS PO Box 308 Bull Creek 6149 WA

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KAMS Secretary
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Heavy Model Inspectors 7 to 150 kg  
Ken Greaves Tel: 0419941497
Neil Giggins Tel: 9293 2735
7 to 25 kg
Garry Turna Tel: 0407423553
Gregg Voak Tel: 0477354152
Murray Tingey Tel: 0407456812
Nigel Molyneux Tel: 0409364186
Gas Turbine Inspectors
Ken Greaves Tel: 0419941497
Neil Giggins Tel: 9293 2735
Garry Turna Tel: 0407423553
Murray Tingey Tel: 0407456812
Gregg Voak  Tel: 0477354152
FAI Observers
Garry Turna Tel: 0407423553