Flying Flea or Pou de Ciel, 1930's home-built, - one of Vic Longbon's charming creations.

Flying Flea or Pou de Ciel, 1930’s home-built, – one of Vic Longbon’s charming creations.

AWA Large & Stand Off Scale on 15th August at KAMS(click on picture for report)

AWA Large & Stand Off Scale on 15th August at KAMS(click on picture for report)

Eric Gooch's SuperCub

Eric Gooch’s SuperCub

The grass flying surface at KAMS is perfect for flying scale model aircraft, and many members are very active in this area of the sport. The scale models built and flown represent all eras of aviation ranging from early pioneer types to modern turbine-powered jets.

Traditionally the scale models were the result of many hours building and finishing. However, many of the most popular models are now available as ready-made kits, ARFs (Almost-Ready-to-Fly). The quality of the ARFs is now such that it takes a competent and experienced modeller to create a model of the same or better standard. And there is always the possibility to add scale detail so your ARF is a bit different from the other ones.
However, – it still doesn’t beat bashing balsa to create that something special!

If you want information about scale categories and competitions look HERE.
The FAI Sporting Code Section 4 – Aeromodelling is here. See pages 9 to 12 for scale judging.
There is also the WA Scale Model Society. For more information contact Ken Wansbrough.

You’ll find more scale pictures in Gallery

If you wonder what airfoil is used on the full-size version of your scale model, then check HERE (1.9Mb file).